Happy Anniversary to the Lasseters!

Jessica and Dave hired me for the first wedding I ever photographed on my own. I'd been a second shooter for a while to several different photographers, but they were the first couple to ask me to shoot their wedding at a time when I was actually wondering if I could do it on my own or not. I went back and forth for a while, stressing out, contemplating on whether I was ready and terrified to take that first leap. But they were good friends willing to take a chance on me, and they had the unwavering confidence in me that I could do it, even when I questioned that openly with them. For that confidence, I'm forever grateful.

It's certainly humbling to go back and look at your work from your first wedding, but here are a couple of shots to wish these two a happy anniversary.

Thank you for entrusting your special day to a newbie photographer with big dreams. I hope your anniversary has been wonderful and that you were able to reminisce about what a beautiful day it was.