Matt + Andrea's Wedding at Terian Farms

Matt and Andrea's wedding at Terian Farms was the perfect way to kick off wedding season for me. Despite the ominous forecasts all week leading up to the wedding, it was a beautiful day without a single snag or rain drop anywhere in sight. This was the first wedding at Terian Farms, a new barn venue in Lebanon, Tennessee, and all the final touches they put on the venue in the days leading up to the wedding certainly paid off. I loved working with Matt and Andrea and their families, and watching these two commit their lives to each other with such confidence and calm was a beautiful thing to witness. They're comfortable together, they laugh together, and they sure are pretty together. Enough rambling from me. Here are the photos from their wedding at Terian Farms.




mom-of-the-bride.jpg terian-farms-bride-getting-ready.jpg

All the flowers were arranged by the talented Anne Whitson, and they were beautiful!


No surprise here. Andrea was gorgeous!

nashville-bridal-portrait.jpg terian-farms-bridal-portrait.jpg

One of the things I love about having a wedding at Terian Farms is that it's an actual barn they used for years and recently transformed into a beautiful venue. The great part of real barns is real ponies! This guy was far more intersted in Andrea's flowers than having his picture taken, but he's pretty enough to get away with that.

terian-farms-bride-with-horse.jpg nashville-terian-farms.jpg

Check out Matt, looking all dapper.




And, before we knew it, it was wedding time.


I love the blushing progression on Matt's face as his bride makes her way toward him.

groom-reaction-nashville-photographer.jpg bride-ceremony-terian-farms-photographer.jpg nashville-terian-farms-ceremony-photography.jpg terian-farms-nashville-photographer.jpg terian-farms-photographer-ceremony.jpg may-wedding-terian-farms-nashville.jpg


Of course, this is my favorite part of the day.

bride-groom-terian-farms-nashville.jpg nashville-wedding-photographer.jpg nashville-wedding-photographer-caley-newberry.jpg caley-newberry-wedding-photography-nashville.jpg wedding-at-terian-farms-photographer.jpg rustic-wedding-nashville-terian-farms.jpg nashville-wedding-photography-rustic-barn.jpg rustic-wedding-photographer-caley-newberry.jpg wedding-photographer-nashville-caley-newberry.jpg

Seriously. YOU GUYS.



The cake was made by Pam Hogencamp with Ribbons of Chocolate Catering. And, and, and that groom's cake!


barn-wedding-photography-terian-farms.jpg terian-farms-scenery.jpg

I love taking a few minutes while guests are eating to edit some of my favorite photos of the day so far. I put them on my iPad and let the guests pass it around.


I love Andrea's determination for this bouquet toss! (Thanks to my second shooter, Amber, for catching this for me!)

wedding-reception-photography-terian-farms.jpg sparkler-exit-terian-farms.jpg caley-newberry-photography-terian-farms.jpg

Matt and Andrea, you two are amazing. I hope your day is everything you'd hoped for, and I know your marriage will be a blessed one. To see more photos of their wedding at Terian Farms, visit