Abby + David's Wedding at the Sheraton Music City

I planned to explain to you why I'm just now writing a blog post on a wedding I shot in November, but you should probably just read this post on procrastination from my spirit animal Allie Brosh, and it will all make sense. Either way, it's dreary outside today (and has been for the past two weeks, effectively leaving lots of engagement sessions sitting on my calendar waiting for a sunny day), and the weather from this lovely fall wedding sounds wonderful right now. 

Abby and David had such a perfect wedding day (again, five months ago). From the time I got to the church to the moment the elevator doors closed at their send off that night, Abby was all smiles (with a few happy tears). She's one of those girls that was just meant to be a bride, carrying herself so elegantly all day long, knowing David is her steady hand. They're a perfect fit, and I'm so thankful to have spent their day with them. 

Also, this is for you, David: 


Anyway! On to their wedding photos. :)

Abby wanted her bridesmaids to have a first look for her, and I just love her sweet sister's reaction on the left.

And her dad's first look with her was probably one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

You guys, Abby and her dad did a choreographed first dance. It was amazing.

Abby and David's reception was at the Music City Sheraton, where they were also staying that night. We did a send off to the elevators, which I held for several minutes while people were getting lined up. As soon as Abby and David got to the elevator, someone stepped in (despite my standing there to hold it open) and took their spot!

To see the rest of Abby and David's fall wedding in Nashville, visit

There are some great people that made their amazing day come together.


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