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In-Home Family Session

I started flipping through these images the other day of an in-home lifestyle session I did for this sweet Nashville family, and I just had to share. For a long time, I stopped doing any types of family sessions because I just didn't enjoy trying to get that perfectly posed photo that's hard for little ones and doesn't convey the emotion I so love to capture. There's absolutely a place for those, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't where my heart was. 

When I finally realized family photos don't have to be perfectly posed, things changed. I started doing sessions that captured the real, raw dynamic of your family, and I love the way these turn out. I come to your home, and we just play like we would on any lazy day, so we truly capture how adorable your family is when you interact and share time together.

Sarah and Tony's little ones are so, so cute, and the way they redesigned their Crieve Hall ranch home is to die for! I know it's a place their little ones will grow and play for years to come.

Kindred Interiors: The Sullivans | Nashville Family Photography

Kindred Interiors: Capturing your home, the way you live, with those you love.

When I was trying to decide if Kindred Interiors was a type of session I really wanted to offer for more than just myself, I put a little call out to some friends on Facebook, asking who was willing to be models for me, keeping in mind that a large part of the shoot would also involve photographing your home. It didn't take long to get a message from Brittany that said "Hello I like photo shoots! And I have a family! And we are photogenic! And we like our home!

And Brittany doesn't lie. We just met these wonderful friends last year, and they are just absolutely some of my favorite people. And little CJ is SO. CUTE. Those dark eyes and curls and her so-polite tactics to get her way... She melts me. 

We planned a fun afternoon together of playing, then they fed Jonathan and me both, because that's the kind of people they are, and I can't wait to share their photos any longer, so I'll quit talking now. 

Brittany told me early on that her word for the year is cherish. To pause and take in every precious moment. I hope I did my job well enough to help her do that. Here's the album I put together for them and with adorable artwork on the front page from the talented Mallory Mayhew!


I'm super excited about these sessions. I'll spend a couple of hours in your home with you, and we'll just do the things you normally do at home, whatever that may be. Popcorn and movies (or do kids today call that Netflix and chill?), hide and seek, cooking brunch, pottery, painting, whatever you do together! I'll also design an album like this for every session, and you have the option on whether or not to purchase it. 

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