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Knoxville, Tennessee Wedding Photography

I want to be Alex and Dalton when I grow up. They're cute and fun, and they incorporated their love for Jesus everywhere you turned at their Knoxville wedding. If you see a wedding as just one day, they had one big reason to be bummed, considering it rained pretty much all day long. Whenever there was a break in the clouds, I'd grab them for as many outdoor photos as we could get until the downpour resumed.

Fortunately for me and them and everyone who loves them so well, Alex and Dalton know that their wedding day is so much more than a part of one day. It's where a new and beautiful life begins. It's where you promise to the person you love most to let the Spirit guide you through every step of your lives together, to be faithful to God and to each other. Alex and Dalton knew that despite the rain, they had every reason to smile and rejoice with everyone around them, and that made this a beautiful and perfect day. 

Their Knoxville wedding took place on Dalton's family's property. His parents have been working for months to get everything wedding-ready, and they just moved into the house they've built there the week of the wedding! What generosity. I can't wait to show you everything they pulled together with the help of lots of family and friends so make an absolutely gorgeous venue for their wedding. So, I'll stop talking now and get to the photos!

Alex spent the past six months or so having friends and family and mentors mark passages for Dalton in a Bible she bought him.

Alex's bridesmaids were amazing. They cheered for *everything*, and I loved it!

So many high fives on this wedding day! :)

Dalton is a man of many expressions, and that made it so hard to choose just a few photos from their first look! So... there are a few extra.

Again with the cheering!

All the flowers were done by a family friend of Alex's. They looked AMAZING! Some of my favorite flowers I've seen at a wedding so far. And just wait until you see the reception!

If you saw a video on Snapchat a while back (caleynewbs if you don't follow me there) of bridesmaids singing a medley of "Isn't It Ironic", "I Got Sunshine", and "It's Raining Men", that was from this very moment.

Seriously with the flowers! Beautiful!

After meticulously watching the radar with a few people, they decided to push the ceremony time back an hour where there was an opening in the rain. Alex and Dalton got the outdoor wedding they were hoping for, and the rain help off JUST long enough to get them married!

The wedding party were such great sports with these photos. You can't really tell, but it was definitely raining when we took these!

Such a beautiful home! And barn! And lake! And hills!

Alex and Dalton, thank you so, so much for letting me be a part of your wonderful day! Thank you for your joyful spirits, and thank you for just being so darn precious. 

Special thanks to a few vendors who did a wonderful job making their day so special!


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