Kindred Interiors: The Sullivans | Nashville Family Photography

Kindred Interiors: Capturing your home, the way you live, with those you love.

When I was trying to decide if Kindred Interiors was a type of session I really wanted to offer for more than just myself, I put a little call out to some friends on Facebook, asking who was willing to be models for me, keeping in mind that a large part of the shoot would also involve photographing your home. It didn't take long to get a message from Brittany that said "Hello I like photo shoots! And I have a family! And we are photogenic! And we like our home!

And Brittany doesn't lie. We just met these wonderful friends last year, and they are just absolutely some of my favorite people. And little CJ is SO. CUTE. Those dark eyes and curls and her so-polite tactics to get her way... She melts me. 

We planned a fun afternoon together of playing, then they fed Jonathan and me both, because that's the kind of people they are, and I can't wait to share their photos any longer, so I'll quit talking now. 

Brittany told me early on that her word for the year is cherish. To pause and take in every precious moment. I hope I did my job well enough to help her do that. Here's the album I put together for them and with adorable artwork on the front page from the talented Mallory Mayhew!


I'm super excited about these sessions. I'll spend a couple of hours in your home with you, and we'll just do the things you normally do at home, whatever that may be. Popcorn and movies (or do kids today call that Netflix and chill?), hide and seek, cooking brunch, pottery, painting, whatever you do together! I'll also design an album like this for every session, and you have the option on whether or not to purchase it. 

Interested? Get in touch! 

Introducing: Our Home and New Sessions! | Nashville Family Photography

I don't know if you tried to get in touch with me in October. I apologize if you did. That was when the height of fall wedding season collided with buying and selling of a house, a traveling husband and some inconvenient health issues. 

We moved out of the first home we bought together in Werthan Mills in Germantown. I loved that place, and I still miss it. It was a wonderful first home, thin walls, loud dogs, leaky ceilings and all. And it was so pretty

Teal chair - Anthropologie; Couch - Nouveau Classics; Rug - West Elm; Bench - Made by Jonathan and his grandfather; Coffee Table - Thrifted; White Chair - Thrifted; Shelving - Craigslist for weirdly cheap; Tripod Lamp - Made by Jonathan; Skateboard - Salemtown Board Co; Dining Chairs - Overstock; Dining Table - West Elm.


Our new home, four blocks from our old one, is the fifth home we've shared in our eight years of marriage, and it's the first one I've considered with a I could see us here for a while.

We've spent a few months filling our new place and are totally smitten with it. We haven't had photos taken of the two of us in a few years, so I started dreaming up a shoot inside our home and started saving up for it. I never found anyone who regularly offered these types of sessions, though. 

The other day, I decided our home was put together enough to take some photos of it. I loved intentionally noticing each detail and documenting the things that meant so much to us in our home — as we've gotten older, we've tried to be purposeful about the things we buy and keep for our home, even if it takes a while to find the perfect piece. (Also why our dining room wall is still lacking.) 

Then the idea came to me. I don't really shoot family sessions, but I get asked about them often. Shooting a session in the home of a loving family doing something that brings them together felt like the perfect way to incorporate them into my work. I reached out to a few friends that would let me do a session for them to test the waters.

The idea behind these sessions is to document both your home and how your family lives in it. I'm looking for families who have made their home uniquely theirs, whether it's a temporary rental home or a home you built especially for you. We'll talk and choose an activity and time that works for your family. The more I dreamed about these sessions, the more I really wanted one of my own.

So I made it happen.

My vision for these shoots, which I'm calling Kindred Interiors, is that you receive your photos in an album. I just ordered this one for Jonathan and me, and I'm super excited about it. 

interior-design-photography-nashville copy.jpg

I took photos of the various patterns and textures in our living room to create the borders at the top and bottom. This is the first spread of the album, subtly introducing you to the session.


When Jonathan and I had our home under contract, we were in awe that we could own something we love so much. We were intentional and prayerful that it would be a home we'd share with the people we love and always have our doors open. This was the verse (2 Samuel 7:29) I prayed over our home continually. I love the idea of incorporating these meaningful quotes or verses throughout the albums. 


I didn't mean for the cat to be in so many photos. He's just... always in the middle of everything.

I've worked at home since 2009, and I've never had an office that I loved. I've never had an office with a door. And when two people work from home together, no matter how much they love each other, you need an office with a door. I have an office with a door!


Jonathan and I cook. A lot. We're both pretty decent at it, if I say so myself. So cooking brunch felt like the most natural activity for us to document together. 


Don't judge us for our love of kale. Or the fact that we have it for breakfast. Or the way I dance around the kitchen. That happens a lot.


I know I drive him crazy sometimes with my neediness and enthusiasm, but he [almost] always handles me just like this, patiently, gracefully, and only a tiny bit of "Seriously, what are you doing?" 


If you want to experience the album through more than a blog post, you can virtually flip through its pages here.

These shoots are a lot more difficult when you're taking them of yourself. I can't wait to show what happens when the subjects aren't so mindful of the camera and you add in some adorable tiny people.

I'm booking these at a discount in February to get a few sessions built up. Get in touch if you'd like a little more information! You can email me here.