Nashville Engagement Session | Maria + Keith

Nashville Wedding Photographer Caley Newberry
Engagement Session in Nashville, Tennessee

Let's begin this post by giving a round of applause for what troopers these guys are. 👏🏼👏🏼 Due to some car trouble they were having, we weren't able to start their session on time. Normally, that's no problem — I can easily work quickly in dwindling light. But add in that I drastically underestimated how long of a hike we were going on here, and we were chasing daylight all evening long. 

Keith carried Maria down rocks. She changed shoes and clothes as we went. It was muggy and dark. And to top it all off, Keith pointed out at the end that we could have easily driven instead of walking one of the longest parts of the hike (After I said, "I don't remember it being very far from here."). 🙈

If these guys weren't so darn cute with great attitudes and the ability to hike in dresses (well, Maria did), it would have been a huge #photographerfail. Fortunately, I kind of love these photos, and I hope they do too! Thanks for spending some quality hiking time with me!

C'mon, aren't they adorable?!

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