Arrington Vineyards Proposal | Devin + Krystal

I first heard from Devin a few months ago. He lives in Indianapolis and was planning an Arrington Vineyards proposal for his girlfriend in July. We emailed and texted and schemed occasionally over the next several months as he pulled everything together to completely surprise Krystal. The plan was this: They were on their way to a weekend with Krystal's family in Gatlinburg, but, since it was Devin's birthday and all, he wanted to stop for a night in Nashville to celebrate with just the two of them. Of course Krystal thought this was a great idea, as was his request to have a romantic "birthday" lunch at Arrington. What a sneaky guy.

I set up the catering while Devin and Krystal did a wine tasting.


Then I tucked behind a tree (tiny photographers can do that) while they ate and felt like I was in the CIA, strategically snapping when the wind gently rustled the leaves as to not be heard.


After a little while of giggling and chatting over their cheese, tomatoes and olives — Krystal not noticing Devin just nervously picking at his food — they took a little stroll, flirting among the vineyards.


And, when Devin clearly coudln't wait any longer to ask Krystal to be his bride, he got down on one knee.


It's clear from just being around these two for a few minutes that they're meant for each other, so it's really not even necessary to tell you that Krystal said yes.

Any Arrington Vineyards proposal calls for a few quick pictures before I left them to enjoy their afternoon together, with a celebratory dinner at Kayne Prime.


Every now and then, Krystal would put another piece of Devin's sneaky puzzle together and call him out on it. Then she'd go right back to being stunning in front of a camera.


We needed a few pictures in front of the vines, and also, that RING! Nice work, Devin.


There's such joy in the moments afterward, knowing they have a fantastic secret that they can't wait to share with everyone they love.

Krystal and Devin are getting married at Mint Springs Farm next year, and I'm so excited for their wedding day. It's bound to be a great one! To see the rest of their Arrington Vineyards Proposal, visit