Ethos Church Resurrection Week

One of the greatest spiritual, emotional and communal blessings in my life right now is the amazing family at Ethos Church. When Jonathan and I started attending there two years ago after a long, desperate and exhausting search, walking through those doors and meeting the friends that would become family felt like a long drink of water in the drought we'd found ourselves in. Refreshing just doesn't begin to describe it. Crucial. Since then, Ethos has inspired us and encouraged us to be more spiritually minded, and I've been basking in truth and love like never before. Two weeks ago, God took that even further for a girl who likes to put Him in a box. (That's me.)

On Easter Sunday, our family at Ethos Church met and committed to raising money to see what God would do in our city if we didn't put any limits on it. God moved this young church to give over $160,000 in one day and touch the hearts and souls of so many worthy people right here in Nashville.

The next Sunday, we went out in the city used those resources to fulfill what we'd committed the week before. I was asked to work and photograph one of 13 events that day, this one designed to give backpacks and school supplies, along with food, games and lots of love to refugee children and families.

I'm thankful these families have the opportunity to start over — washing away the pain of their varied backgrounds — right here. A beautiful embodiment of what we'd celebrated a week prior. Watch the video here to see a little bit more.

Here are a few of my favorite photos.

cute-girl-portrait.jpg girl-playing-in-park.jpg ethos-church-serving-kids-nashville.jpg refugee-children-nashville-ethos-church.jpg ethos-church-resurrection-week.jpg ethos-church-catholic-charities-nashville.jpg ethos-church-nashville-tn.jpg nashville-tn-ethos-church-photographer.jpg

Just a small view of the backpacks, filled with school supplies, that were provided. serving-nashville-inner-city-ethos.jpg

Sometimes a sidewalk-chalked home sketched onto a park walkway shows the greatest symbolism. refugee-families-ethos-church-nashville.jpg