My View From 3 a.m.

Entrepreneurs everywhere will tell you that if you plan on starting a successful business, there are a lot of sacrificies you'll have to make. Sacrifices that, long term, are small because they will help you build the business that you've been dreaming of, but they're sacrifices nonetheless. One of those always seems to be waking up at 5 a.m. I'm dedicated to making my business work, and I'll do what it takes to achieve those long-standing dreams. Pay cut? OK. Lots of hours working? Sure. Spending most of my weekends on the job at weddings? Got it. Waking up at 5 a.m.? Doubtful.

I'm a night person. I always have been. (And saying I'm a night person is the nicer way of saying don't talk to me before 10 a.m.) One of my most vivid memories from when I was growing up is of my parents coming in my room, furious, because I was rearranging my room — beds, dresser, everything — at 2:30 in the morning on a school night. I'd be lying if I said that only happened once.

I'm not sure if it's the stillness, the aloneness or the I-can't-stop-working-on-something-I'm-excited-aboutness, but post-midnight is the most productive time of the day (day? You know what I mean) for me. I love spending that time reflecting on the day that's gone by and preparing for the one ahead. I love having no idea I've spent hours on a project until I look at the clock and it's 4 a.m. again. I love being among the first to detect the sunrise, and I love that my husband can't see how many cookies I eat when he's gone to bed.

I tried to fight my crazy sleep schedule for years, hours every night filled staring at the ceiling, begging sleep to come. I finally embraced that this is part of who I am. I don't recomment everyone run their business from 3 a.m., but this is where I run mine from, and I couldn't imagine it being more peaceful.

Caley Newberry