Family Time on the Eastern Shore | Fairhope, Alabama Photographer

When I realized I had a two-week break from weddings at the beginning of September, I quickly started convincing Jonathan that it was a perfect time for a vacation. The procrastinators we are, we booked a place the day before we needed to leave and headed down to 30A for our first just-the-two-of-us beach vacation in our eight years of marriage. 

When I'm on vacation, I stop being a photographer. That's unfortunate for my own personal memories, but it's wonderful to clear some head space and just be. So, go ahead and insert photos of sunsets and seafood and oceans and all the lovely things you do at the beach here. 

Actually, here's one I posted over on Instagram:

How many pictures like this will it take for you to start hating me?

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From there, on Friday, we drove west to Fairhope, Alabama to spend some time with my wonderful family. My cousin Ellie and her husband, Patrick, are in town from their current home of Turkey, and I couldn't get there fast enough to sit at their feet and hear their stories of hope and redemption and healing. They're beautiful people doing some wonderful Kingdom work. 

When you don't see your family nearly enough, you do pull out the camera when you all go watch the sun sink into the bay, and you take pictures to remind you of how much you adore the people in them until you can see them again.

We took a serious cousins picture, but these are really the only ones that matter.

Hey, look! I got a picture with my husband!

So, I'm back in the office now, almost caught up on emails and about to dive back into the good little editing maniac I should be, refreshed from time doing the things that matter most. Thanks for all your patience while I took a little break to be with these wonderful people and that cute boy I'm always with.