Turner Field Engagement Session | Devin + Ashley

To say that I've known these two their entire lives is no exaggeration. Devin and I were close friends growing up, and while Ashley was several years younger than me, I was fascinated with how awesome she is. (I won't go into how long it took me to come up with a way to say that without sounding incredibly creepy.) She's witty, intelligent and obviously gorgeous, with just the right amount of quirky, and when Facebook told me she and Devin were dating, I was almost mad that I hadn't thought of that before. Almost two years ago to the day, I sent Devin a message and told him how much I liked them together, because few things are better than when two people who are just right for each other realize it themselves.

Devin and I have always shared a love for the Atlanta Braves. He's my go-to guy for stats I can't remember and winter meetings information. When we were trying to find a time to hang out for their engagement session with them living in Auburn and me a photographer in Nashville, a Braves game was the perfect choice.


When Devin was younger, he so regularly wore a shirt that said "Chick Magnet," I wondered if he ever even washed it. Between his game-long conversation with the guy sitting next to him, who was totally uninterested in the game  (they decided to write a screen play together), and this guy wanting his picture with them, I'd definitely agree Devin is magnetic, though it seems to be more of a specific kind of dude rather than chicks these days.


Thanks, you two, for letting me take your engagement photos and being so laid back with the ominous weather we were dodging. I can't for your wedding next month!

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