Carter + Allison's Huntsville Engagement Session

This Huntsville engagement session took place on Allison's family's farm, and I just adore these two and the scenery out there. This is where Carter popped the question, so to speak, when I shot their proposal photos, and it's also where they'll have their wedding reception this September. There's certainly no reason to go anywhere else! We shot these photos the day before Easter, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. One of those warm-in-the-sun, cool-in-the-shade, does-it-get-any-better kind of thumbs up that we rarely see around here. Once the humidity comes pouring in to the South like an impending wall cloud, I'm ready to play like geese in retreat and get out of here. I'll be the first to say I prefer the polar vortex.

How did I get off talking about the weather? Pardon my 80-year-old brain projecting my stream of consciousness on you.

Anyway, this is Carter and Allison at their Huntsville engagement session in Jones Valley. Beautiful, happy, in love. I adore them. I can't wait for their wedding in September!

huntsville-engagement-session.jpg huntsville-al-wedding-photographer.jpg jones-valley-huntsville-photographer.jpg

When Allison mentioned these bushes at her grandparents' house, I was excited, but I had no idea how glorious the light would be! nashville-engagement-session.jpg nashville-wedding-photographer.jpg wedding-photographer-nashville.jpg

Carter's condition to having engagement photos taken was to get one made with the cows. Then he carried Allison through the cow patty terrain. farm-engagment-session.jpg

Seriously. That landscape. sunset-engagement-session-nashville.jpg

Allison, you are stunning. nashville-engagement-photography.jpg

Allison's family have a tree-lined driveway with perfect light that no photographer could resist. huntsville-jones-valley-photographer.jpg nashville-wedding-photography.jpg nashville-wedding-photographer-caley-newberry.jpg caley-newberry-nashville-wedding-photographer.jpg

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