Downtown Nashville Engagement Photos with Micah + Amanda

I don't really even know where to begin in telling you about Micah and Amanda and the day we spent together last week for their downtown Nashville engagement photos. They're this incredible couple who know how to laugh at every turn and were so much fun to work with. They quickly mastered the art of forgetting I was taking their picture and got lost in each other's love while I snapped away. To me, nothing makes for more memorable or photographable moments than that. They drove in from Memphis and stayed the weekend for a mini-getaway (and got upgraded to the new Omni hotel, whoa!) that I hope they enjoyed here in Nashville. Micah and Amanda, thank you so much, for everything. I so enjoyed our time together, and I've decided you need to move a few hours east and adopt me or something. Is that too much to ask?

I might be sound crazy, but you'll understand in 3... 2... 1...


SEE?! Uh huh, you get it now.

downtown-nashville-pedestrian-bridge-engagement downtown-nashville-engagement-photos dressy-engagement-session-downtown-nashville

Micah needed a break to practice his duck face. Amanda, you're a patient lady. :) laughing-engagement-session-nashville downtown-nashville-engagement-session-photography high-fashion-nashville-engagement-photos downtown-nashville-symphony-courtyard-engagement

Considering some of the weather we've had lately, it wasn't as cold as it could have been, but we had lots of great pictures and a little bit of time before sunset. Amanda was tough, but Micah was being a little wimpy, so I encouraged them to let me treat them to coffee at Bongo Java while we warmed up a bit. I'd never been in their downtown location before, and we lucked out with some gorgeous light while we were there, which made for a productive break! I should have played it off like that was my plan all along. Little did they know, that was my plan all along.



Amanda, you are gorgeous.


We timed things perfectly. As we walked back to the car, the lighting was just perfect, so we took just one more about six times. (Sorry, guys.)






A beautiful city,  a beautiful couple all dressed up and perfect light are the things my dreams are made of.


Be sure to see the rest of Amanda and Micah's downtown Nashville engagement photos in their online album at